Jeffrey Sebogodi

Singer & Actor, Dancer

 JeffreySebogodi completed his Musical Theatre studies in 1999 at Tshwane Uni-versity of Technology formally known as Technikon Pretoria, South Africa. During his studies, he was featured in ‘Fiddler on the roof’ at The State Theatre Pretoria as a singer/dancer. After completing his studies he became the founder member of the internationally acclaimed South African musical, ‘African footprint’ that saw him travel around the world, these would in-clude Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA. He has performed in front of illustrious figures such as Prince Charles, Rev-erend Jesse Jackson, Former President of South Africa Nelson Man-dela and Tim Rice to name just a few. He has also performed in sev-eral Pantomimes at The Johannesburg Civic Theatre namely, ‘Sleep-ing Beauty’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Alladin’.He also joined the cast of ‘Snoopy’ where he played ‘Woodstock’ before featuring in the United Kingdom’s ‘Boogie Nights - 70’s disco musical’ that saw him travel to New Zealand where he performed in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. He was then invited to form part of USA production of ‘Hairspray’ that played in Johannes-burg in 2007. The following year Jeffrey decided to join the cast of Disney’s ‘Der König Der Löwen’ in Hamburg, Germany. In 2012 he went on to become the lead soloist on AidaLuna, AidaBlu and

AidaBella before forming part of ‘Hamburg Royal Musical’ at St. Pauli Theatre in Hamburg as a singer/dancer.



Other credentials include teaching jazz, contemporary and tap dances at Tshwane University of Technology and doing choreography for a number of events across South Africa