Dinipiri Etebu

Dancer, Singer & Actor, Model

Dinipiri was born on the 17.09.1990 in Port-Hacourt, Nigeria. He started dancing as a kid and won his first Competition at the age of 6. In October 2005, he moved to Germany. After 7 years he finished Secondary school and an apprenticeship as a Sport Expert. Within his school and apprenticeship period Dinipiri continued dancing and also quickly took over a leading role between the Hip Hop dance scenes in Germany and abroad. Dinipiri is a dancer that is able to master various dance styles such as Modern, Contemporary, Afro Dance etc. In addition to that, he is a Singer and an Actor.

He achieved national and international championships between 2009 and today such as the IDO all style battle and HipHop Solo both European and World championships winner, Dutch Open winner, German Cup winner, Soulplex Battle, finalist on TV Show Got To Dance Germany, World Of Dance winner, winner of the World Dance Sports and Games (Taiwan) etc. He also works on social organizations as organizer, host and showact like Dance 4Life, Nacht der Jugend etc.

These efforts leads him to several jobs in Germany and abroad like theater productions, workshops abroad (Belgium, Poland, Russia, Luthiania etc.) instructor at the ‘Summer Dance Academy, KAMATA, danced for ‘Product G’n’B’, Showact at the Special Olympics, worked with Cedrec Lee Bretley and Emmanuel Gat, Musicals ‘On the Town’ , ‘Money Maker’, also as judge on different
Events like Drift your Style Battle, Dance 2 You, Street Dance deluxe etc.


Currently Dinipiri is a cast member at ‘Lion King’ Hamburg as an Ensemble Singer and covers the leading roles Banzai and Mufasa.